1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA | 1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

Extrusion Blow Molding

EBM Generic CropPlastic Technologies has 15-plus years of design and processing experience in extrusion blow molding. From food to automotive we can assist your team to deliver an optimized package with the quickest time to market.

Why PTI for EBM?

  • We are an Independent / confidential resource
  • We take the art out of the process. Using proven scientific approach to improve time to market and reducing weight.
  • Understand material science/capabilities. We can assess the barrier needs and model the performance attributes.
  • Provide the design to commercialization effort allowing for the ownership of the package design and a wide open supplier choice.
  • Work closely with industrial designers to incorporate marketing design intent with a functional package that meets operation needs.

Virtual Modeling and Simulation for EBMEbm

You can virtually program the parison and blow mold each design to test each style even before fabricating a single part. This results in substantial savings in pre-production cost and accelerates time to market.

PTI enhances your relationship with everyone involved in the virtual modeling and design engineering supply chain, by providing virtual prototyping, process simulation, barrier performance modeling and analysis.

We complement your project team—including designers, concept test facility and/or test marketing group.

Beckum V1 0134

EBM platforms for larger scale prototyping
Shuttle Systems 
Our development platform of choice is a shuttle machine for ease of unit cavity analysis. We can develop bottles using blow trim or captured finish technology. We can produce containers from 50 mL up to 5 liters and run 1 to 6 cavities.

We can extrusion blow mold precise wall thicknesses for bottles of up to seven layers. Materials include PET, PP and PE, and barriers such as EVOH and Nylon. These needs are critical not only for packaged foods, but also for cosmetics, chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals.