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1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

Comprehensive Recycle Testing

PTI offers complete recycling evaluation services. We conduct comprehensive recycle testing and we also offer testing specifically directed to understand unique attributes of the materials being studied. We study resins, flake, preforms, bottles, labels and thermoforms.

Quick Test for Resins, Additives, Adhesives and Labels

PTI PET Bottle Bale

  • Resins or Additives
  • This test will help to determine if your new resin or additive is compatible with today's PET recycle stream. PTI will mold plaques to determine how your resin or additive might impact the color of recycled PET.
  • Labels
  • Labels are a very important part of packaging today. PTI can help to tell you if your label is recycle friendly using the current recycling guidelines. Small scale laboratory wash testing can be performed to help to identify any issues your label may cause in the current recycle stream.
  • Adhesives
  • There are many adhesives being used in the market today. PTI can help you to determine which adhesives meet the current recycle guidelines. A series of analytical tests using your adhesive applied to PET bottles, sheet, or thermoforms will help to answer your questions concerning your product and its ability to be recycled. The improper adhesive will not only make it more difficult to remove the label, but residual adhesives remaining on washed PET flake can significantly contribute to haze and/or yellowing of the recycled resin.

Recycle -mound

  • Flake
  • This test can identify the presence of physical contaminates (labels, adhesives, non-PET flake etc.) as well as the identify the quality of your cleaned and washed flake product.

Comprehensive Tests for Resins, Additives, Adhesives, and Labels

  • Adhesives and Labels
  • PET bottles and thermoforms will all contain labels and adhesives. Recycle protocols used to evaluate bottles and thermoforms can be used specifically to understand the impact of the label and its adhesive on recyclability of the PET stream.
  • Resins and Additives
  • New resins are evaluated using protocols designed to understand how they may impact the solid stating rate and yellowness of the PET recycle stream.
  • Additives can dramatically improve the performance properties of PET bottles. However they can have very detrimental effects by increasing the yellowness of recycled PET. Numerous protocols can be used to evaluate the additives on their recyclability into the PET stream.


  • Coatings and multi-layer packaging
  • Bleeding Label Test
  • Determining if the printing and decorations on the label have the potential to bleed inks onto the PET flake is critical. Using a hot-caustic wash solution, samples are cleaned and washed during a simulated recycle wash process allowing PTI to provide color results and a visual assessment.
  • Shrink-Sleeve Label Testing
  • This test will identify the impact that the shrink label will have on the recyclability of the PET package. The tests study the degree of separation of the label from the bottle after grinding, hot caustic washing, and air elutriation and will evaluate the impact that residual remaining label may have on the quality of the PET that is used to injection mold clear parts such as plaques and preforms.