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1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us


1440 Timberwolf Drive
PO Box 964
Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA

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2017 Conformal Cooling Conference will offer critical insights on reducing cycle times, reject rates


Holland, Ohio (March 1, 2017)—Techniques to reduce injection molding cycle times and reject rates will be presented at the 2017 Conformal Cooling Conference May 16-17 at the Crown Plaza Northstar, Minneapolis.

Conformal cooling achieves increased production efficiency, and therefore,increased profitability for companies producing injection-molded components. Custom and captive molders can realize cycle-time reduction of 20 to 40 percent, as well as lower reject rates due to uniform cooling.  Conformal cooling also produces stronger parts via lower molded-in stress.

Expert speakers from Europe and the United States will provide mold makers, molding companies and OEMs with information to help improve their process and reduce costs.  The conference is ideal for technical, engineering and management professionals at many companies such as automotive, medical and packaging companies.

Robert A. Beard & Associates, Inc. a well-known provider of technical, engineering and management support for plastics and Plastic Technologies, Inc., a global leader in plastic-based package development, are the conference sponsors.

Presentations include:

  • Injection Molds—Bonding Technologies
  • Vacuum Brazing
  • Applications & Benefits of Diffusion Bonding
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • New Equipment for Maintaining Conformal Cooling Channels
  • Combining Simulation & Thermovision (infrared camera technology)

Fees are $750 for the one and half day session, which includes breakfast, lunch, breaks and conference related materials. For additional information on the conference or registration, please visit: www.conformalcoolingconference.com or www.regonline.com/C3-2017.

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About Robert A. Beard & Associates Inc.

Robert A. Beard & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1984 to provide technical, engineering and management solutions to both purchasers and processors of plastic products. The company provides technical, engineering and management solutions that empower clients to produce functional plastic polymer products at an acceptable quality level at the least manufacturing cost. For more information: www.plastic-solvers.com.


About Plastic Technologies

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is recognized worldwide as the preferred source for preform and package design, package development, rapid prototyping, pre-production prototyping, and material evaluation engineering for the plastic packaging industry. For more information: www.plastictechnologies.com