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1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

PreTemp probe


PTI’s PreTemp® device is a versatile and easy-to-use handheld instrument for measuring interior preform temperatures. It features single-button operation and has a built-in display for quick reference. Powerful user-friendly software to log and analyze data is also included.  

The probe utilizes an array of precision non-contact infrared temperatures sensors which provide detailed temperature information to the operator. The PreTemp™ device can be used to measure and record up to 16 data points simultaneously.

Button Brochure

The PreTemp® device can be used with or without a computer.  Plug the device into a standard wall outlet for maximum portability.


  • Simple one-button operation
  • Measures inside temperatures of preforms
  • Color bar provides visual feedback of profile
  • Utilizes 16 precision non-contact sensors
  • Height adjustment plate and centering puck provides consistent results

Used for

  • Processing aid
  • Quantify and document heating process
  • Assist in setting correct temperature profiles
  • Resolving common setup problems
  • Temperature verification for resin and color changes
  • Troubleshooting of heat related issues 


Number of sensors 16 on 10 mm spacing
Minimum preform ID 12.55 mm
Units Fahrenheit or Celsius
Emissivity 0.1–1.0 (0.92 default)
Sensing range -70–380 °C
Repeatability 0–60 °C: ±0.5 °C
60–120 °C: ±1 °C
120–180 °C: ±2 °C
Operating environment -40–85 °C
Ingress protection rating IP40
Power Standard USB port OR 5 VDC power (included)
Plugs into standard wall outlet for maximum portability