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1440 Timberwolf Drive, PO Box 964, Holland, OH 43528-0964 USA
1 (419) 867-5400 | Email Us

Game Changing Packaging

In addition to the confidential work we do on behalf of specific clients and brands, Plastic Technologies, Inc. also develops innovative packages that are available for commercialization by anyone.  These concepts have been developed to address a variety of consumer-driven and brand owner needs. 

Game Changing HAura™ Infusion Technology

A unique aqueous-based process infusing organic additives. This process allows for colors, barriers, UV blockers and microbial agents to be infused into plastic materials. It is not a coating. 

BrightPak® technology 

A liquid containment system creates next generation dispensing approach for chemicals, adhesives, pharma, food, beverage.  The BrightPak system’s primary components are created from two separate preforms.

BTC® Bottle Clip

BTC is an innovative, patented bottle connecting system developed by BTC Concept.  Injection blow molded (PET, PE or PP) bottles are designed to nest, one into the other, to create a vertical product stack.This new packaging concept is suitable for beverages and many other applications.

Clasper™ blow molded bottle technology

This snap fit technology provides a unique packaging solution for boundary-pushing food, beverage, pharmaceutical,nutraceutical,industrial and household chemical products.

Deep Grip™ bottles

Injection stretch blow molding is used to create a new type of container handle tofacilitate lifting and carrying larger containers.  Up until now, many of the attributes—either aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and so on.solutions compromised on one or more desired 

Foam bottle technology

PTI has access to new processes for blow moldinglightweight, foamed PET containers. These emerging PET bottle making technologies offer new visual and tactile ways to market products in a wide variety of categories. 

Smiler™ dual-compartment containers

Developed to address portion-size control for on-the-go snacking, the technology enables bottles/containers to be injection blow molded into different shapes and sizes. Typically, the larger, top compartment holds a liquid while the bottom holds the snack item.