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The Importance of Communication - Both Good and Bad

If you were asked to rate the importance of communication on a scale from 1 to 10, how would you respond...8...9...10? We all seem to know that communication is important. Yet it is one of the hardest techniques to master.Communication II

If you are sharing a story pertaining to a successful outcome, it feels good to talk about it, so you are likely to spread the word quickly. However, if the news is about a mistake, a problem or a project headed the wrong way, we typically avoid telling others. Maybe you think, "why should we talk about it and there’s probably nothing anyone can do to help?"

This lack of communication is easy to adopt and can hurt productivity. Often if you communicate what you are going through to others, you may find that they have encountered some of the same issues and experienced different outcomes. Communicating with others and discussing their experiences may help you turn things around or provide alternative options. Even if you can’t change or improve your outcome, at least you could potentially help someone else avoid going down the wrong path. 

As hard as we all may try to avoid them, everyone will run into issues from time to time. Successful people ask the question “how do I deal with the issues?”

Turn it into something positive and useful. It may be embarrassing or difficult at the time, but communicate with your colleagues about the challenges you are facing. They may be able to advise you on how to address the issues you are having and help you get back on track. In the end, keeping the lines of communication (good and bad news) open will benefit others.


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Lori Bartman

Senior Project Engineer

Lori Bartman has 22 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry, including PET container and preform design, orientation stretch-blow molding processing, container performance testing, materials evaluation and testing, and project management.

Ms. Bartman is an expert in the design, processing, and evaluation of heat set PET containers and has managed more than 100 package developments for PTI customers.